Things to Do in Brighton

Brighton is filled with fun around every corner. Whether you like to skateboard, take in the sun or you want to enjoy the nightlife, there are more than enough things to do in Brighton that will keep you occupied.

Must-see Attractions

There are many great sights to see in Brighton. Being on the sea, the views are spectacular, but there is more to this city than just the sea. Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions that you must visit when in Brighton.

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is the most toured location in Brighton and has to be on your list of things to do. Labeled as “Hindu-gothic,” this Pavilion was rebuilt in the 19th century and is a unique mix of architectural brilliance and beautiful landscaping.

The gardens are very quiet and the Pavilion has an audio guide that you can listen to and learn about the Pavilion’s history. You will not find food here, but you will be able to find some of the best tea in the city.

South Downs Way

Want to visit a quiet, picturesque part of Brighton that is not near the sea? South Downs Way is a national park where biking and walking is allowed. You can view the beautiful English Channel from here as well as wildlife, pounds and small bodies of water. This is great for the adventurer or hiker that wants to get away from the city to relax and read a book.

Entertainment and Fun

Looking for some fun and entertainment? Nothing in the United Kingdom comes close the places that are next on our list.

North Laine

North Laine is a neighbourhood, but not just your average neighbourhood. North Laine has virtually anything you could want in the world. What is so special about this spot? You can find over 100 shops with everything imaginable including:

  • Outdoor fruit markets
  • Florists
  • Clothing
  • Book stores
  • Vintage stores

You will also find many performers on the street as well as many places to eat or grab a drink. If you are bored at night or have just landed in Brighton and are not sure where the local hotspots are, this is the place to be.

Brighton Pier

Located on Madeira Drive, Brighton Pier is simply breathtaking and has something for the whole family to enjoy. This pier is considered a boardwalk and has the following fun activities to partake in:

  • Take a ride on the Ferris wheel overlooking the sea
  • Visit the log flume
  • Take a walk on the beach
  • Listen to the pier’s own radio station
  • Play in one of the many arcades
  • Drink coffee, tea or eat doughnuts

Unlike many piers, this pier is free of charge and even deck chairs are offered for free if you want to soak up the sun. There are a few rides located at the end of the pier with a few new ones added just this year.

Brighton’s Big Screen

Want to relax on the beach and watch a movie on the big screen for free? Right off of the pier next to the Ferris wheel you can sit or lay and watch movies on the big screen. This is an amazing time of year, but it only lasts for about one month from the middle of June through the middle of July.

This is the ideal place to relax under the stars with a loved one and watch a great film with the rest of the community.

Museums and More Museums

Brighton is home to several museums that you must visit during your stay. The following museums are both fun, interesting and some are even a bit quirky.

  • Brighton Museum and Art Gallery: Classic furniture, beautiful exhibits and even t-shirts worn by famous people. This museum is a bit quirky, but it is the first place to go for a bit of Brighton history. With free admission, it is worth a visit.
  • Brighton Toy and Model Museum: Toys and models from the past are on display in this small museum. Puppets, old trains and various other toys can be found within the museum’s collection.
  • Booth Museum: The Booth Museum is, well, a bit strange. This museum features the complete collection of stuffed birds that Edward Booth killed and decided to put on display. There are also snakes, one eyed cats and a few other interesting exhibits included.