Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert, Ed Byrne’s 2017 tour, is comedic gold. Byrne, the Dublin native, brings his years of experience to the stage with material that will have the entire crowd laughing. Byrne’s stand-up routines led him to a lifetime of success, with his career branching out to television, writing and acting.

Ed’s career also includes a column on TGO magazine. He has had a column since 2011 in which he writes monthly on a new outdoor activity that he is trying. He does go with an expert to ensure that he doesn’t get hurt, but his adventures are worth a read.

His 20 years of comedy has made him a popular act in the United Kingdom, with sold-out appearances at many of the world’s biggest venues.

He also had the biggest-selling comedy show in 2006. His Spoiler Alert tour is actually a reference to the comedian’s sons. His sons, which he isn’t afraid to tell the world are spoiled, are “high maintenance.” Their Christmas presents include pricey gifts and traveling to see the “real Santa.”

You’ll have a lot of the same “kids these days” references that older audience members will appreciate much more than the younger audience members. His show is refined, and audience members won’t hear the same “kid jokes” that they expect from other comedians. He finds a way to make the jokes his own, and he doesn’t hold back.

His non-filter allows Bryne to express his thoughts on society with a spot-on performance that will leave the crowd rolling on the floor. He goes right into his routine the minute he walks on the stage.

Peppered with jokes and fun, he goes into story mode on occasion to help break up the night and provide the audience with a little insight into his life. It’s a great show that is meant for all adults. His timing and delivery are priceless and only offered by a man that has honed his skill for 25 years.

Smart insights are thrown into the show to provide an unforgettable night of events.

Smooth and effortless from start to finish, the show is slick and polished. Byrne connects with the audience and shows them that he has embraced his life of being spoiled. He is hard-hitting, quick and known to add playfulness into his routine.

Tour dates for Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert have been added that push the tour well into the middle of 2018.