The Top Must-Visit Pubs in Brighton

Want a drink but don’t know where to go? There are numerous pubs in Brighton to match every taste and desire. Whether you are looking for a classic English club or want something a little more upbeat, Brighton will have what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at some of the pubs that you must-visit when in Brighton.

Riki Tik

Riki Tik has been transformed into a music bar and will be great for the younger crowd. Riki Tik is located on Bond Street with opening hours of 12 – 2 on most days. This Jamaican-themed establishment has great drinks, delicious food and special guest DJs all week long.

The Evening Star

Want a rustic bar that is more true to the English style of a pub? The Evening Star is every bit as rustic and beautiful as you could imagine. Found on Surrey Street, this pub is right between the train station and the beach, making it the perfect location when coming and going.

Visitors will find that the pub has everything from cherry flavored beers to a personal favorite of coffee beer.

Daily specials are always available.

The Lion & Lobster

An iconic pub in Brighton located on Sillwood Street. Comprised of 3 bars, 2 beer gardens and a restaurant, this is one of the best pubs in town and has amazing food as well. The Lion & Lobster is, in total, 3 floors and has great beer.

One of the best drinks available is the Scotch and of course, the locale ale.

The Basketmakers

Of all the pubs in Brighton, The Basketmakers is definitely the one pub that you can’t miss. Located on Gloucester road, the pub sits right at the edge of the Lanes and is listed as one of the best pubs in the nation. From amazing food to even better drinks, Basketmakers has it all.

Opening hours are 12 – 20:30 most days of the week, expect Saturday when closing is an hour earlier. The staff is very friendly and all of the food is sourced locally which adds to its great taste. A lot of organic food is found, but let’s face it, you just want to hear about the amazing ale.

The bar holds true to a traditional English pub and has real ales. The beer, wine and other drinks are first class.

The Victory Inn

Located on Duke Street, The Victory Inn serves real ales, ciders and delectable foods that will leave you full and satisfied. The pub is open from 12:00 – midnight on most days except Friday and Saturday when closing is at 02:00. One of the oldest pubs in town, The Victory Inn has a style and feel of an old pub that is still teeming with life.

The weekend is when the fun begins as live music is played and the guests are all having a good time. The fish and chips are amazing as well as the goujons. When the weather permits, you can even sit outside and enjoy a drink.

Hand in Hand

Want to visit one of the smallest pubs in Brighton? Hand and Hand is on Upper St. James’s Street and is known for its bright exterior that simply can’t be missed. Open from 12:00 – 23:30, this pub has something for everyone.

A piano sits inside of the pub and if you are lucky, locals will play traditional songs. The drinks include everything from local ales to tequila. One of the best known drinks served at this pub is the dark and stormy, which has been called one of the best in the country.

There is outside seating available, and if you want to try something different, Hand in Hand actually brews their own set of beer. For a quieter, more personal pub, Hand in Hand is a great choice.

The Druid’s Head

The Druid’s Head is located on Brighton Place and is open every day of the week. Breakfast starts at 11am where other meals are served from 12 – 9 pm.

There is an open mic night which is really fun and will add to the ambiance. The food is great with Basil Tart and Risotto being some of the best in town. The burgers are also great as well as the beers and ciders served.

The pale beer is delightful as is the ale pie.