Legally Blonde The Musical

Lucie Jones is spot on with her role as Elle Woods, the charismatic, determined blonde that goes from credit card using sorority girl to Harvard Law School student. Jones fully embraces the role. The Welsh actress, singer and model first rose to fame in The X Factor UK and finished eighth in the show. She has since become a singing sensation and represented the United Kingdom in 2017 in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jones was born outside of Cardiff and has grown from a musician to a riveting actress on the stage.

Jones first appeared on the big stage as Cosette in Les Misérables and went on to perform in numerous productions, including: The Prodigals, We Will Rock You, American Psycho, Like Me, Ghost the Musical, Rent and The Wedding Singer.

She first starred in Legally Blonde in 2016 and is back and better than ever in the 2017 / 2018 tour. Refined, she is called the perfect “Elle Woods” on stage. The West End production spans 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Tour dates are available through June 2018.

Legally Blonde the Musical is a two-act performance that follows the basic outline of the hit film. Act I is a mega performance where UCLA sorority girls fill the stage at the start of the show. Elle is the blonde sorority president for Delta Nu. Known for her looks and “fancy” clothes, she is high fashion and is having fun in college.

Warner, her boyfriend at the time, breaks up with her and tells her that he needs someone who is more serious in life.
Elle’s world is turned upside down; her life is filled with devastation.

She chases her ex to Harvard Law School. Elle isn’t embraced at the school initially, with her clothes being the center of the “snobby” students” bullying. She tries to win Warner back at every turn, but she soon finds out that her efforts are not fruitful.

Her life starts to change in Act II. Elle’s skill as a lawyer starts to shine in the second act. The story, often funny, leads to courage and determination. Elle’s growth is seen through the entire musical as she finds the courage to finally say “no” to the advances of Warner.

The story ends with love, and the journey, portrayed by Jones, is a reminder that big dreams often materialize at the moments we don’t expect.

Rita Simons plays the role of Paulette Bonafonte and Bill Ward as Professor Callahan.